Tertia Calitz


South Africa

Tertia Calitz is a strategic professional with over 30 years of experience. She has a strong background in IT, generalist and a specialist in disability recruitment. She has worked for several major corporate companies in South Africa.

She also recruited for Government, and did ad-hoc development research for an investment company in Hong Kong. Tertia has demonstrated growth and success in diversifying her role from recruitment and general management, candidate sourcing, executive/technical placement, recruitment process/HR policy and procedure improvement to business re-engineering, business/enterprise development, advisory board member and sales with the ability to train, coach, motivate and mentor others to win support for ambitious goals and high productivity.

Exceptional people skills, positive, soft skill training, with a strong ability to spotlight neglect in a business environment and the ability to roll out action plans. Disability awareness training, workshop development and public speaking also forms part of her portfolio.