Hanh Nguyen

Country Director, Vietnam & Managing Partner, Europe

Asia Desk: Europe, Vietnam

Hanh has 15 years of experience in international business setups, diversified teams, and multicultural environments. Solid experience in end-to-end recruitment and executive search with over a decade of experience delivering search mandates, contingencies, and RPO in various industries in Industrial and manufacturing, Consumer Goods and retail, Professional Services, and Fintech and e-commerce.

Hanh set up and led the Talent Fishers Vietnam team in 2015. She has successfully placed many leadership roles for international and European clients, primarily in Manufacturing, Hospitality and Property Investment, e-commerce, etc…

Before joining Talent Fishers, Hanh had previously led the Executive Search and selection firm One2one Personnel – 100% foreign-owned by a group of private American investors from JP Morgan. She later extended her role to the Head of Professional Staffing service when Remote Resources Group (an IT staffing outsourcing business) acquired One2one Personnel. Then, she was in charge of the Executive Search business and the IT outsourcing staffing division.

Strong ability to manage various relationships with various stakeholders across multiple geographies. She can easily relate across cultures and up and down any corporate hierarchy.

Born in HCMC, Vietnam. She has worked and lived in Vietnam, Hong Kong/Macau, Sydney, and San Diego (CA). Currently, she is based full-time in Prague (Czechia) and oversees Talent Fishers Vietnam business.