Gianvito D’Onghia

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Mainland China

Passionate about China, its culture, language and society, Gianvito turned this passion into a professional path by living and working in China since 2010 where he has been serving in cross-cultural roles focusing on business development, sales and customer relationship management.

In Talent Fishers China he focuses on developing and nurturing strategic partnerships with both local and foreign clients and industry players in several sectors including fashion, luxury, beauty and F&B.

Before joining Talent Fishers, Gianvito developed a solid consulting experience in branding and retail activation for symbol-intensive brands: he worked for 8 years as managing partner of Creative Capital, a China-based international branding agency. Following the agency acquisition by the Altavia group – the world’s first independent global communication group dedicated to retail and brands – in January 2019, he led the business development activities of the group in China.

Thanks to his international educational background and professional experiences, he developed a strong ability to navigate the complexities of cultural nuances and an in-depth understanding of the main strategic challenges and trends in the Chinese fashion, luxury, beauty and F&B markets at the demand, product, retail, and communication levels. This leads him to sharply identify how these challenges and trends turn into profiles of managerial and professional competencies necessary to work in China and maintain a competitive edge.

Gianvito’s fluency in multiple languages – including Italian, Chinese, English, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese – combined with his understanding of different cultures, enable him to serve a diverse clientele across international markets, ensuring effective communication and tailored solutions.