Fabien Guerin

Managing Director Asia – Group Chief Commercial Officer

Asia Desk: Europe, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Asia Desk: Europe, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

Fabien is a member of Beaumont Group’s Board and Managing Director Asia and brings more than 20 years of experience serving clients across the Asia Pacific region.

Fabien has been in China for over 20 years, setting up the Asia network of offices for a leading regional search firm Aspecto Asia Search Group solely focused on the Asian market. Prior to this he founded Talent Fishers, a boutique search and selection company specializing in Asia in 2007. Talent Fishers remains a strategic partner of Beaumont Group.

In China, Fabien  was also acting as Country Manager for search firms willing to develop or redeploy their activities in China. Prior to moving to China, Fabien has been working for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the French Embassy to South Korea and then in the French Embassy to the European Union. He started his career with International Search and HR services for the EMDS/HR Gardens Group as an international projects and key accounts Manager.

Fabien has expertise a broad swath of Asia outside of just China as well. He leads Beaumont Group’s client relationships across the region, through Talent Fishers (venture partner of Beaumont) operations in Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and mainland China.

He is leading the Global Industry & Manufacturing Practice for Beaumont Group

Fabien is married with four children and shares his professional time between Europe (Asia desk and Industry Practice) and Asia.