Elena Massaro

Recruitment Consultant

Mainland China

Elena is a Recruitment Consultant at Talent Fishers, a boutique search and selection company specializing in Asia since 2007. They deliver tailor-made recruitment solutions with headquarters in Shanghai and local offices in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, and India. Talent Fishers is also a venture partner of Beaumont Group.

She grew up in Italy, where she studied Oriental Studies, specialized in Chinese language and culture in Venice, and obtained a Master’s degree in International Economy for the Asian market in Rome. Elena interacted with the Chinese environment several times during her academic path, contributing to enhancing her international mindset and intercultural communication skills.

Passionate about the Asian market and its fast-thriving economy, she works at the Shanghai office, bridging the gap between Europe and Asia. This task requires a deep understanding of both cultures and economies.

Her ability to successfully fill strategic international management roles and provide consultancy on navigating the Asian Human Resource market to European companies showcases her expertise in talent acquisition and her capacity to facilitate cross-cultural business relationships. Elena also assists Chinese firms in finding foreign talents for their growth.

She believes in the power of human connections and is passionate about bringing talented individuals together with the right companies in international environments, contributing to making a positive impact on people’s lives and the world’s globalized economy.