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Beaumont Executive Interim Management: Leading the Evolution of Interim Management as Consultative Partners

By Victoria Hingre, General Manager, Beaumont Executive Interim Management

In Europe interim management firms have long played a vital role in providing organizations with temporary leadership solutions during times of transition or crisis. However, as the business landscape becomes increasingly complex and dynamic, the role interim management firms play needs to, and is, undergoing a profound transformation.

Traditionally, the provisioning of interim management services has been a highly transactional solution. A client has a need; contacts an interim management provider who fulfils that need quickly. On the other side of the equation, a highly skilled executive with vast subject matter expertise, offers these skills out on a temporary basis to various companies in need of that expertise.

Today, with this increasing complexity of the business landscape, more is, or should be demanded, from interim management firms — both on the client side, as well as with the interim executives who fulfil these roles. Beaumont Executive Interim Management (BEXIM) has been evolving how the firm delivers and supports the solution with our clients and our interim executives. We are focused on maximizing successful outcomes from day one of the interim placement.

Victoria Hingre, General Manager, Beaumont Executive Interim Management, shares, “What we often see is that interim executives go into organizations, and while the objectives are clearly defined for the interim project, the transition for both the interim executive and the company’s team can be an issue and barrier to a successful assignment.”

In response, BEXIM undertakes a far more consultative approach in managing both client needs and expectations as well as support for the interim executive themselves. Let’s explore how this evolution is unfolding and the benefits it brings to both interim management firms and their clients.

Understanding the Evolution

The transition from a transactional to a consultative interim management solution stem from our recognition that organizations require more than just temporary leaders — they need strategic partners who can help them navigate change, drive innovation, and achieve long-term success. Beaumont has been leading in this evolution to meet client needs by offering a broader range of services and adopting a more collaborative approach throughout the interim project. From onboarding of an interim executive to regular updates and from both clients and executives with key KPIs defined and continually reviewed.

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that every organization is unique, with its own set of challenges, goals, and culture. Instead of offering one-size-fits-all solution, we take the time to understand each client’s specific needs and tailor an interim solution accordingly. This personalized approach allows us to develop customized strategies that address the root causes of our clients’ challenges and offer appropriate skills and experience.

Strategic Alignment

Beaumont Executive Interim Management acts as a strategic partner, aligning our solution with the broader goals and vision of our clients. Rather than simply filling a leadership gap, we work closely with senior executives and key stakeholders to develop and implement interim solutions that drive business growth and transformation.


With the interim executives we place and work with we also work hard at aligning with their skills, expertise and motivations while supporting them as they become engaged in a new organization to address the requirements of the assignment.

“It can be a very daunting and lonely task to join an organization that is hyper-focused on a specific business need. Adjusting to a company’s culture, leadership personalities, internal politics, etc., can create sizable barriers to success. Interim executives really have no one to share their thoughts and concerns with inside the client organization.” Ms. Hingre shares.

One critical way we support our clients as well as the interim executives we work with is through what we call BEXIM Club. We have created a programme in each of interim locations where about once per month the executives we place in client companies can physically get together and network, meet other interim executives, share experiences, get advice on addressing challenges, listen to keynote speakers, and so much more.

We have found these sessions to be tremendously valuable and successful for both the interim executive as well as the client. It helps our clients by optimizing successful outcomes in their interim assignments as the executive has the support of his or her peers and mitigates the “lonely” aspect of being an interim executive.

Proactive Engagement

Unlike transactional interim management firms, which may take a more reactive approach to client assignments, firms like BEXIM take a consultative approach being more proactive in providing solutions to the executives and the client companies. We don’t wait for clients or the interim executive to identify problems; instead, we actively seek out opportunities for improvement and offer solutions. By staying ahead of the curve and anticipating our clients’ and our interim executive needs, we are well positioned as trusted advisors and partners in our clients’ success.

Building Long-Term Relationships

We also view our interim assignments as the beginning of a long-term relationship with both the client and the executive. Taking this more consultative, proactive approach is an investment in earning trust and demonstrating value. By fostering strong relationships based on mutual respect and collaboration, we have become trusted advisors who are called upon time and again to help our clients navigate future challenges.

Today’s evolution of the interim management solution from a transactional to a consultative approach represents a significant paradigm shift in the way we operate and engage with our clients and interim executives. By offering tailored solutions, aligning strategically, engaging proactively, building long-term relationships, Beaumont Executive Interim Management is redefining the role of interim management in today’s business world. As we continue to navigate an increasingly complex and uncertain business landscape, we stand ready to provide the strategic guidance and support needed to drive success for both our clients and the interim executives we place.

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