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Artificial Intelligence, Transformation & Leadership

By Chris Clayton, Managing Director, UK, France & Middle East – Group Chief Executive Officer

The speed at which technology has advanced business processes and organizational design over the past thirty years is mind boggling. From simple software applications to ERP to internet to cloud computing and now artificial intelligence, business leaders have had to continually adapt, implement, and transform business to leverage these technologies for competitive advantage and growth.

Today big data, analytics, risk management and security are all top-of-mind for business leaders. Each of which require significant resources and focus, while challenging leadership teams to stay ahead of the curve for their organizations!

Enter artificial intelligence! The ability of AI to corral all of the data and insights these technologies provide will alleviate, sharpen and focus decision making and how businesses transform. In short AI is a huge disruptor for business today, and a critical tool in the evolution of business.

But there is a lot of uncertainty and significant concern at all levels on what AI means to teams and individuals. Which part of organizations will evolve? Which will disappear? What employees and leaders will need to evolve or be left behind? How will organizations transform teams and individuals to leverage AI’s potential effectively?

Success, as always is dependent on a leader’s ability to drive change and adapt to new technology. Who are the leaders that will succeed? What leaders will not effectively leverage the capability of AI on their organizations. What we have witnessed at Beaumont Group is that leadership success today is less dependent on an individual but on the ability of the whole leadership team to be aligned, collaborate and effectively implement strategies for transformation. To take their people on a journey to effectively address the tectonic evolution that AI is having across an organization. AI already has and will continue to have huge positive impact in helping leaders make sense of all the data available to them by sharpening their focus and making informed decisions.

And Beaumont Group is at the forefront of transforming leadership teams able to meet the challenge.

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