Jean-Patrick Manzoni



Jean-Patrick’s mission is to help produce a great fit between individuals and organizations. His passion is finding the perfect match between on one hand what the organization offers and expects, and on the other the candidate’s experience, capabilities and aspirations. He works across industries and hierarchical levels, but with a particular focus in IT, Digital and scarce populations.

As a Senior Consultant, he is part of the Paris Office Team to help companies develop their Talent Acquisition processes and hire great individuals in very competitive markets. From start-ups to CAC 40 companies he has experience across the Technology value chain in technology, support and sales at Specialist, Middle Management and Executive Levels.

Jean-Patrick is a citizen of France and of Canada. He spent a few years studying how human beings function (BA in Philosophy from Université Paris Sorbonne and BSc in Psychology from Université Paris Descartes), before examining the business side of the equation (MSc in Business Development and Key Account Management from NEOMA Business School). Along the way he spent a semester at Harvard University and a year at the University of York (UK).