We are motivated to build long term partnerships: the knowledge and experience of accompanying one another over long cycles, combined with real interaction, collaboration and passion, results in true value creation.

This includes scoping the need to finding and placing talent and then more importantly staying close through the onboarding process and ensuring clients get the return on their recruitment investment as candidates integrate quickly, are happy and the “time to success” period is shortened.

The founding team are experienced practitioners in this domain having either moved from industry into the world of talent and leadership services or having been “born & bred” in this environment.

Being passionate about what we do and through continuous close collaboration with our clients we have been asked to assist on other leadership topics than executive search. This has led us to broaden our offering to include leadership development – assessment, coaching and other bespoke services – hence we can consider ourselves as a leadership advisory business.

Essential to the provision of these services is a deep passion for people – everyone we meet is considered as a candidate and a client – we build deep and meaningful relationships and accompany people through their career knowing we can help them to be successful as leaders in today’s digital world.

Executive Search

What is executive search? In the past, it was a world of “cloak and dagger” – insider secrets as to how to find the best talent and often the consultant with the biggest “black book” was given the mandate. Today, executive search is a mature concept and it has evolved with new technologies and tools which allow consultants to identify and exchange with the candidate pool.

However, the reality is that potential candidates are being solicited every day through various channels causing more annoyance than anything – being bombarded by emails and calls does not mean a candidate will respond in order for you to capture his or her interest and start an exploratory process.

What makes Beaumont Group different is our people. Our Consultants. The knowledge of the markets we are in and the relationships we have built over years ensures we are able to identify, engage with and qualify the right future leaders for you in a reasonable timeframe. Quality contacts, quality process, quality results.


Both for long-time customers and for new relationships, we take the time to conduct an in-depth study of the client environment. This usually involves spending time with primary decision makers, stakeholders and a few future peers, to gain a clear understanding of your company’s culture, the dynamics of the position as well as expectations for performance.


The project specification is collaboratively produced. This document clearly defines the skills, competencies and critical areas of experience required for success in the role.


The research phase is conducted by experienced industry-savvy researchers. They utilize their network and web-based search tools to cover the market and identify the most promising targets.


Initial screening enables the candidate pool to be narrowed down to a viable shortlist. We then carry out face to face competency-based assessment to reinforce the search parameters.

Candidate closure

We start our on-boarding effort by validating the client’s decision via informal exchange with previous co-workers, external views, and rigorous reference checking whilst ensuring that we maintain momentum. We will take ownership of getting the hire ‘across the line’, ensuring the environment remains positive, and adding value to the on-boarding process and integration.
While always ensuring full compliance, as we keep a watchful eye on the local legal and regulatory requirements, the candidate references will be taken and audited, with no exposures to both parties highlighted and managed.

Offer negotiation

We will navigate you through the hiring process to mutual understanding and expectation, doing so by benchmarking rewards and mapping to expectations. We will work with both parties to analyze and discuss the complex range of reward systems, financial and non-financial, especially where different cultures and national systems are involved.


Our full life cycle approach means that the first day on the job is just a milestone in the journey to a fully integrated new hire. We provide systematic support and expectation management, as we build a seamless process with the client.

Leadership Advisory Services

As part of our leadership advisory services portfolio we deliver the following services:

Leadership Assessment

We have partnerships with a variety of vendors enabling Beaumont Group to provide assessment services for either the hiring process or to assess leadership teams as part of on-going organisational change programs and succession planning initiatives.

Leadership Integration

Knowing that a certain percentage of hires fail due to enhance the on-boarding and lack of appropriate follow-up and management of expectations our consultants work hand-in-hand with our specialist coaches to define programs to enhance the on-boarding experience and to ensure that expectations are aligned during the first few months. The desired result is that candidates hired are happy with their new environment and that there is the desired return on recruitment investment.

Leadership Development

Working with our in-house team and affiliated coaches, we have experience using a variety of tools and methodologies to design customised leadership development programs. This can be focused on an individual or on teams. Objectives can be multiple, but the common goal is often to facilitate change of behaviour along with implementing process and structure to develop specific competencies. We have found that the most effective results are with teams over a 12 month period where we work closely with an executive to develop his/her team and we partner with the business and HR functions.