With technological advance driving change at hyper-speed, the need to identify and integrate leadership which can build and drive agile and outperforming organizations is more crucial than ever. Coupled with understanding the human landscape in a new millennium and how best to collaborate and innovate, today’s executives are being asked to develop in a myriad of ways.

The Beaumont Group takes a career life cycle approach, identifying high potentials before even the planning and succession stage, coming to the table with real market insight, remaining with the on-boarding process to ensure integration and partnering with its customers through the whole people change process.

Beaumont’s partners have a wealth of global experience, that affords our clients the benefit of local insight, trusted methodologies and refined assessment capabilities, relying on best practices gained at five search companies spanning Asia and Europe.

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The Beaumont Group has as a core metier, executive search. All its partners and consultants have spent many years understanding, and in some cases, living, the challenges of putting together teams in an optimal manner so as to achieve business objectives. With this comes instincts and learnings as to what will and won’t work, and advice and counselling on this is key to our added value. However, at the heart of our executive search and recruiting services is a process map which ensures each assignment is managed, measured and value added.

Whether a long-time customer or new relationship, we take the time to conduct an in-depth study of the client environment. This usually involves time with primary decision makers, stakeholders and a number of future peers, to gain a clear understanding of your company’s culture, the dynamics of the position as well as the expectations for performance.

The Project specification is collaboratively produced. This document clearly defines the skills, competencies and critical areas of experience required for success in the role.

The research phase is conducted by experienced industry-savvy researchers. They utilize their network, proven cold calling techniques and web based search tools to cover the market and identify the most promising targets.

Initial screening enables the candidate pool to be narrowed down to a viable shortlist. Competency based assessment in a face to face setting further re-inforces the search parameters.

Offer management entails validating the client’s decision via informal exchange with previous co-workers, external views, and rigorous reference checking. The Beaumont Group handles the transition process and subsequent on-boarding process, keeping momentum. We will take ownership of getting the hire ‘across the line’, whilst ensuring the environment remains positive, adding value to the on- boarding process and integration.

Ensuring full compliance, and keeping a watchful eye on the local legal and regulatory requirements, the references will be taken and audited and any exposures to both parties will be highlighted.

Through benchmarking reward and mapping to expectations-working with both parties across the complex range of reward systems, financial and non-financial, especially where different cultures and national systems are involved, we will navigate the hiring process to mutual understanding and expectation.

Our full life cycle approach means that the first day on the job is merely a milestone in the journey to a fully integrated new hire. Through systematic support, expectation management and ‘hot-line’ response, we build a seamless process with the client, delivering coaching and development programs through our long term integration team.


Invariably growth and change embrace multiple functional levels as organizations look to mobilize. Talent needs to arrive in time, in a synchronized fashion and be ready to impact business plans that are evolving and dynamic. The Beaumont Group is able to conceive and construct programs with its customers to meet the specific talent needs of the change in line with business milestones and also to ensure a continuous flow of core critical skills.

Knowing that the right hire has been identified, engaged and can be brought on in synch with the business plan is a great asset for any Human Resources and Business Leader.

Working in partnership with its clients, Beaumont Group will engage its research platform and selection process in an ongoing commitment across functional groups, geographies and backgrounds, enabling customers to make ‘right-fit, right-time’ decisions.

Market shifts and major change programs can create the need to hire across functions and teams in an accelerated manner. Formulating a cross-disciplinary team and working on tightly project managed schedules, we drive the hiring whilst our customers can focus on the major deliverables.

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Working in an integrated partnership with one of the world’s leaders in personal and team development and coaching solutions. The Beaumont Group will shape with you on going programs which integrate the environmental, succession and business context into structured plans for new hires which will ensure an optimal return on investment and a positive outcome for all stakeholders involved.

Leadership teams are often brought together from different recruitment programs throughout an organization, leading to groups of strangers sitting around a table, unsure how to come together and effectively work toward company goals. We know that successful teams begin with successful people who are individually supported to collectively contribute to the overall company vision. Our leadership development program is an intentional, deliberate investment in bringing forward each leader’s strengths, solidify team and company alignment, and create extraordinary teams.

Our experiential, cognitive learning approach is focused on creating or enhancing core leadership fundamentals. In this powerful, hands on program participants learn the skills and tools to:

  • Understand the key principles and benefits of transformational leadership.
  • Recognize and develop their own transformational leadership style.
  • Understand and apply leading-edge scientific principles that underlie transformational leadership.
  • Act as a powerful role model for teams and peers.
  • Inspire people to work together in synergistic teams.
  • Be a learning leader—a leader who sees educating and coaching as a key role.

The new hire has been appointed and most companies, including us, will have a first day orientation, which includes reviewing the key policies in an HR Handbook. After that, on boarding may be a one-off training program or assigned a buddy. These programs are often inconsistent, limited and don’t focus on the cultural issues that a new hire will face. DCC works on the whole package so that your most valuable commodity – your people – feel at home and can contribute successfully to the organization’s vision.

Our approach helps set the path to long term success by putting in place a 1 to 1 coaching contract, capturing the goals of the individual and the organisation, aspirations and cultural setting providing the basis for the engagement. Personality and leadership modeling tools are used to better understand the person and her key attributes to build an integration plan unique to her. This can include a package of learning content, group or individual coaching and structured activities. As this is an ongoing activity over the first 6 to 12 months following the appointment, performance management based and continuous feedback becomes an integral part of the program supporting personal and career development.

Coaching is at the heart of our service offerings. We get to the heart of the matter, so we get to the heart of your people. Our coaches work on a deep level utilizing the DCC “Inside Out” Approach where we support people in doing the inner work in order to transform outer results. We simply Connect the Dots™ taking into account the whole person, not just the employee, working through the physical, environmental, social, spiritual, emotional and intellectual aspects of life that challenge us all.

Our coaching assignments start out with individual or group assessment and then a detailed plan of action. We partner with senior management on outcomes and report back on those while maintaining the crucial client confidentiality. We have seen One-to-One, Personal and Group Coaching produce outstanding results in morale, productivity, quality, customer or patient satisfaction, and revenue generation.

We believe that the most effective Employee Development programs require small amounts of content, reinforced by 1:1 personal or group coaching, and integrated into the culture through action learning and experiential activities.