Industry Sector

Technology, Media & Telecommunications

tmtThe Beaumont Group has evolved with its TMT clients over the past 10 years, supporting them as they managed the growing importance of technology at the core of the enterprise. Today the challenge for the leadership and management is how to evolve business models to embrace the shifts towards cloud based platforms and subscription economics. The Beaumont Group continues to deliver on key management hires across its core domains of expertise.

Our team have a track record of placing regional and global sales leadership and the general management capable of driving organizations to the forefront of their segment. As the technology and media sectors become the battleground for increasingly sophisticated customers, startup and early stage high growth businesses seek talent that can leverage their industry experience and market awareness to pilot them through the stages of financing and growth towards IPO and beyond.

The Beaumont Group is increasingly mandated to place the next generation of industry leaders into innovative venture backed start-ups.

With this expertise we are also able to assist organizations in the search for cross-industry functional specialists (CIO/CTO/CISO) who are capable of shaping the technology functions and business environment to adapt and succeed in a digital paradigm.

Domain Specialities

Placing the leadership in enterprise software majors has been a core value proposition for the Beaumont Group and its founding partners, for many years. As the internet, and then the cloud, has redefined the industry, leaders and management have had to evolve their management and sales competencies to embrace an ecosystem moving at light speed.

The merger of voice and data, has created a competitive landscape for the provision of infrastructure and data services which includes previous telecom majors, traditional systems integrators, pure play offshoring companies and new purely cloud based service providers. This has created a multiplicity of backgrounds, and many nuances of requirement for hiring organizations. The Beaumont Group navigates its clients through this complexity to help identify the leadership for the future.

The Internet of Things has paradigm shifting potential. The connected world will open opportunities for both equipment makers and service providers as the amount of traffic passing across the networks and exchanges multiplies exponentially, and creates challenges and opportunities from the whole ecosystem capturing and leveraging the data. The Beaumont Group is engaged with players in this developing space, on boarding leadership teams and managing the mobility of talent both within traditional communications organizations and toward new age vendors.

The Advertising, Media and Communications industries have been turned upside down by the inception of digital and social media strategies, to an extent where consultancies and systems integrators have media practices that are bigger than many agencies. The movement of skills and backgrounds between technology and professional services, and between consulting and creative, creates a need for an executive search provider who can translate and transition talent across the eco-system.

The clear challenge for industries moving to a cloud based, service oriented software framework, is how to secure the data which contains information which can be crucial to your existence. As the CISO and her team grapple with the challenges inherent in this, and establish strategies and appropriate protocols, providers have to equally staff up on expert security skills. At any one time the Beaumont Group has multiple assignments in the functional leadership of data security, for vendors, consultants and end customers.




Design-Build-Run-Industrialize… never has the global economy had more need of service providers and experts who can shape the future and create business models which are scalable and agile. The Beaumont Group has a history of success in placing experienced and talented individuals along the value chain of professional services.

In the last five years, we have conducted many executive searches for clients ranging from the major industry players and big 4 to highly specialized boutiques specializing in strategy and management consulting.

Our consultants work directly with a wide range of clients to recruit partners and functional leaders in professional services firms.

We leverage our consulting knowledge and expertise to help recruit heads of change and delivery across all industries.

Domain Specialities

The Beaumont Group has very specific expertise in placing operational leadership into major BPO players. From regional COO roles, to Heads of EMEA Contact and Customer Centers to the consulting groups who specialize in advising their clients on Geo-localization. Today’s leadership need to set up their organization to handle rapid growth whilst delivering innovation and cost saving through their services. The leadership is multi-lingual, multi-geographic and by definition visionary.

The IT Services industry finds itself at the forefront of the drive to digital. Taking strategic vision and translating it into executable strategy is the single biggest challenge in digital transformation. Migrating to cloud based architectures,embedding business process automation, managing vast development projects; the list is endless and daunting. The Beaumont Group has been operating at the heart of this sector since its inception, placing C and C-1 leadership in a host of global majors.

All strategy begins with thought leadership, and consulting firms have seen their position in this space become even more vital as we try to understand what technological advancement will mean for society. Leveraging their intellectual capital to shape digital and wider business strategy and delivering innovation is no longer enough. They are increasingly under price pressure, and seek new ways in which to deliver content, especially using new collaborative technology. The Beaumont Group has placed many partners and principals in major strategy and management consultancies and has acted as advisor for their own Human Capital divisions.

The Beaumont Group has carried out many senior placements across the breadth of Business Services, in the fields of HR, Engineering, Consumer and Industrial.


financeLeaders in today’s Financial Markets and banking sectors have to find growth through the complexities of technology change, evolving traditional routes to customer, and the regulatory burden necessary to restore stakeholder confidence. As more and more services become virtual, as ledgers embrace block chain, as mobile payments blur the lines between finance and technology, billions of dollars are being invested in applications and platforms which will simply change the way we think about money. The Beaumont Group is working with institutions and start-ups alike to identify the talent which will lead this revolution.

Domain Specialities

Modest industry growth, a challenging global economic environment and increasing regulatory requirements are redefining financial markets.

Dodd-Frank, MIFID, Basel III, new capital requirements and mounting compliance costs…. The regulatory demands on the banking industry continues to increase. Banking professionals must demonstrate a strong commitment to risk management and transparency while still driving revenue growth. For the derivatives markets moving to exchange traded platforms require all stakeholders to choose the optimal technology and trading parameters to ensure compliance and profitability.

Investment banks are dealing with competition from all directions in terms of being a source for funding, whether it be private equity, institutional asset managers or alternative investment vehicles. As margins tighten and costs rise due to compliance they have to find new and innovative ways to serve their clients. Leveraging their significant investment in technology, IB’s and CB’s are increasingly providing a range of services to the financial services industries and becoming utilities for finance.

We serve the global banking and markets industries across a broad range of functional roles:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Structured Finance
  • Infrastructure
  • Restructuring
  • Financial Officer
  • Human Resources
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Operations and Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Equities
  • Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities
  • Prime Brokerage
  • Sales and Trading
  • Research

“Globally, nearly $23 billion of venture capital and growth equity has been deployed to fintechs over the past five years, and this number is growing quickly” –McKinsey 2015

The platforms, services and support structures that sustain the financial services ecosystem are evolving rapidly and playing a more strategic and defining role in the success of key institutions throughout the industry. A variety of factors, among them changing customer expectations, rapidly growing data volumes and the related demands of increasingly sophisticated analytics, the evolving threat landscape, intensifying cost pressures and greater regulatory scrutiny, are driving foundational changes across all sectors.


Life Sciences


The Beaumont Group Life Sciences Practice brings dedicated executive search solutions to secure leaders for the next generation, where pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare and biotech are being brought together through innovation and technology to create a whole new platform on which to deliver health in the 21st century.

We have helped build the leadership teams of some of the world’s preeminent life sciences companies. Our international reach enables us to present a life sciences talent pool in the many thousands. Life sciences companies must innovate and reach new markets and ensure operational efficiency amid pricing pressure, decreasing reimbursement levels and soaring R&D costs. Experienced, creative leaders with broad operational skills and the ability to articulate a strong vision are more in demand than ever.

Domain Specialities

The rising cost of healthcare is increasing the importance of the payer’s role and stake in decision-making. New products are assessed on the basis of demonstrable economic impact and patient experience in comparison to generic alternatives.

Our clients range from some of the world’s largest and most successful pharmaceutical companies to smaller specialty players—all on the front line of providing effective medicines to the global community.

We understand the complex dynamics of the marketplace in which these clients compete, and we help them create a competitive advantage through making the right leadership choices at the appropriate time.

The global market is promising for medical device and diagnostics manufacturers – provided they manage rising regulatory complexity and demonstrate distinctive product value to payers. We help organizations find leaders who will be the catalyst for bringing revolutionary technologies to market.

The global market is promising for medical device and diagnostics manufacturers – provided they manage rising regulatory complexity and demonstrate distinctive product value to payers. We help organizations find leaders who will be the catalyst for bringing revolutionary technologies to market.



The traditional retail business models are forced to co-exist alongside other channels, creating the multi-channel retailer. Data mining and business analytics have become core functions and customer experience and journey are at the epicenter of multi-channel strategies. Consumer goods companies are struggling for relevance, intensifying the emphasis on innovation whilst architecting go-to-market strategies that are cost effective and agile.

Our consumer and retail clients require leaders who can stay ahead of the curve and have demonstrated the vision, leadership skills and operational expertise to deliver in this high-performance culture and who have made investments in innovation, growth and talent will be the leaders to move our industry forward in what is sure to be an ever-changing environment.

Domain Specialities

Analytical skills are paramount in a space where robust amounts of data are available instantly. With e-commerce, companies immediately know what customers purchased, what products they browsed and their paths through their site. But to use that information to its full advantage, sales officers must know how to mine the most valuable insights from the data and, most importantly, quickly act on it. The integration of heavy data analysis with deeper thinking about its implications for sales and marketing efforts adds another important dimension to the role.

The full adoption of e-commerce can require a significant cultural shift in the sales organization, demanding proven leadership and an ability to build relationships across a varied set of company functions and diverse teams. In a channel that is still evolving, collaboration and adaptability are also vital. The sales officer must drive the cultural change necessary to ensure the entire team develops the mindsets and behaviors necessary to embrace e-commerce

We serve as a trusted advisor to leading retailers and luxury clients, helping these companies find leaders who can navigate through an era of rapid change and digital transformation. We understand that these leaders must possess the experience, vision, passion and courage to meet the demands of the explosive omni-channel landscape. We partner with companies in the following areas:

  • Specialist Retail
  • Luxury
  • Grocery
  • Omnichannel and Pure Play Retailers

Industry and Logistics

Industry and Logistics

industryAgile and forward-looking organizations are innovatively combining these forces to connect machines, components and data systems along the entire value chain. Unprecedented levels of product customization are already possible for the brightest and best players. Beaumont Group has worked with major industrial and logistics organizations to identify the leadership required to stay relevant.

Domain Specialities

In the world of transportation and third-party logistics, advancing technologies, globalization, rising fuel prices and security concerns are raising the stakes for transport and logistics companies. Now more than ever, transportation organizations require customer service-focused executives with a track record of generating growth in a constantly changing global marketplace. Third-party logistics and transport providers need leaders who have international experience, possess strong strategic insight and have the operational capabilities to achieve lasting results in a fluctuating freight environment. Leading companies in the sector trust our dedicated team to find the executives they need to move ahead.

Industrial services companies continue to focus on improving returns on assets and cash-flow generation to take advantage of macro trends driving growth, including global population increases and burgeoning demand in fast-growing markets. Leaders of industrial services organizations must balance management of the bottom line with attention to the compliance needs and costs of emerging environmental regulations, as well as public pressure on environmental issues. Our team brings deep knowledge of the many facets of the industrial services sector to each assignment