About Us

About Us

The Beaumont Group is a global provider of leadership solutions for a digital future.

With strong presence in the EMEA market across a platform of 13 offices and with a strong partnership in the Americas and Asia, we deliver on research-driven, retained assignments and projects for companies from venture backed start-ups to large global organizations.

The Beaumont Group is a provider of services for identifying and integrating the leadership of organizations faced with these core challenges;

  • Enabling the business process through technology.
  • Re-designing the business model to embrace the digital revolution.
  • Migrating to a service oriented and subscription based economic model.

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The Beaumont Group was created in 2010, bringing together businesses which had been trading under various well known executive search brand names for more than 20 years. Its core partners and practitioners have a mix of industry and search experience which has served many organizations, global and local, to build their leadership for a technology-led future.


The Beaumont Group operates across the globe. With operating and research hubs in all continents, our global network delivers on leadership mandates, regional team builds and specific senior functional and technical search assignments.


  • Our services and behaviours are geared to the successful integration of the chosen candidate, not simply the hiring process.
  • Our customers are all the stakeholders in a given hire, especially the candidate.
  • Being a privately held firm, the Beaumont Group’s partners are rewarded for, and motivated to develop long term value for our clients rather than simply achieving revenue targets.
  • We fundamentally believe that boutique search firms with specialized local knowledge outperform their larger competitors.


Case Study

The Beaumont Group was asked to partner with its customer on a gender balancing of its executive board. This customer, a globally renowned Software firm, had set a target of at least 30% of senior management positions within its regional leadership to be women within a three-year time frame. However, given the current balance the task was not just to identify at least three senior female industry executives in the short term, but also implement an ongoing pipelining of high potential female professionals across the industry.

The Beaumont Group has long developed a pipeline of female talent for many of its customers, with its’ research teams adept at engaging at all levels and was able to present a strong short list at senior level. This was a result of both mapping the market and at the same time working with its customers on the methodologies for approach, selection and stakeholder involvement. Ensuring that the hire was merit based, that on-boarding was seamless and at the same time the individual was supported throughout the integration process, was key to the success.

Working with the HR Leadership and the newly hired executives, The Beaumont Group consulted on the development of a mentoring program and a strategy to ensure a greater flow though from the management levels of female talent.

One year in, the customer has hired 5 senior level female executives and is well on its way to building an executive leadership which will champion an optimal gender balance in the organization.

Collaborative Leadership

Collaborative Leadership

Case Study

A global management consultancy and IT services provider needed to build out an entire practice, after a change in strategic direction rendered the existing practice lacking in the necessary experience and competence from leadership through the operational layers. The Beaumont Group was engaged to assist the Managing Partner in the re-build of the practice.

After assessing the market for the requisite profiles and experience, it was decided that the business imperative demanded a swift and holistic response. An entire team lift out, from Partner through Senior Manager and Manager level would be required. This involved a complex and integrated approach to a team of 6 professionals, each with their own career and monetary objectives, but prepared to see the future in a collective context. Matters of sensitivity and confidentiality were paramount as well as exposure to legal constraint and competitive market reaction. Each step of the way had to be carefully handled, managing stakeholder expectations constantly.

After an extensive period of individual and team interaction, and full due diligence on compliance and risk, the team moved from a major competitor over a 9 month period.


Case Study

The Beaumont Group was founded to provide global solutions for organizations driven forward by technological innovation. Having supported various organizations across the technology spectrum, the value add of our services often comes into play when there is a merger or acquisition between parties.

As supplier to two majors in the infrastructure and desk top space, The Beaumont Group was able to provide valuable input into the composition of combined leadership teams, to hiring strategies post- merger and assist in transition plans, outplacing talented individuals who found themselves at risk by the event.

Taking an ongoing retainer, which enabled a constant level of interaction, advice and intervention throughout the merger period and after, transaction fees were netted from a global agreed budget.

The Beaumont Group has provided executive search and talent solutions services in sales and general management leadership for a wide array of the global leaders in the technology sector but prides itself on innovative solutions which respond to the needs of a dynamic and ever changing technology landscape.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Case Study

A global major in the electrical and power systems industry committed to a strategic digital transformation program as such needed to re-configure management to embrace different go to market channels, an evolution of customer journey and a data driven CRM platform.

The hiring program required gaining stakeholder agreement on skills and background and an understanding that this initiative would bring significant culture change with the profiles targeted. An awareness and coaching program was implemented for the newly constructed teams which included legacy, new and interim professionals, as individuals arrived from professional services, digital start-ups and the wider business community, attracted by the challenge and the possibilities of transforming a truly global player in its sector.

As this is a multi-year program, the incoming talent has already transferred from horizontal expert-advisor roles into line and business responsibilities, as the organization has ramped up and accelerated its plans.

High Growth

Case Study

Fresh from a Series D funding, this star of Silicon Valley moved on its global strategy and initiated a build out of its EMEA leadership. Making contact with The Beaumont Group through the international network, a strategic hiring plan was elaborated.

Key to success was identifying those executives who were capable of ‘jumping on an express train without it stopping’, and not losing their bearings in the process. Matching skills, competencies, personalities and values and at the same time ensuring a shared vision were the technical challenges. However a feeling for how the chemistry would work between the founder /entrepreneur group, and the incoming industry corporate profiles was key to the program. The Beaumont Group combined its many years of search experience with the intellectual capital in its Leadership and Executive Coaching business, utilizing tools, processes and disciplines executed in many global enterprises.

Today a number of key functional leadership roles have been placed in the EMEA group, which has led to The Beaumont Group being included on reflections on executive leadership at a Global level.



Case Study

A Major Professional Services Group, based in Southern Europe reconfigured its capital in view of a major global expansion, involving a mix of organic and acquisitive growth. However, key to the strategy was a hiring plan targeting Country Managers, Regional Sales Directors and Divisional MD’s. The Beaumont Group had played a key role in placing the leadership in the home country and was called on to leverage its global network.

Leadership across all functions has been placed in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey Poland), Western Europe (France, Germany, Spain) Latin America (Brazil) and Asia (India, China). Throughout the process the Managing Partner for the home country acted as Global Account Manager to ensure the quality and continuity of delivery, and drive continuous improvement into the process.

Today, seen as a key partner by the Board and Shareholders, The Beaumont Group advises the firm on the integrity of its expansion plans from a talent and leadership perspective.